Wooly is the main antagonist in Elephant Quest, who steals Elephant's bowler hat at the beginning of the game. He is known as "bully", "crazed" and "pouty" by other elephants. He is the final and only boss of Elephant Quest.

Final BossEdit

Wooly is quite easy to defeat. However, if you have no knowledge of how to play the game properly, or not got some extra firepower, the chances are that you will repeatedly die.

Wooly's favorite number is 4 and 2, remember that, and your possibility of winning increases. First, he will charge at you before he scratches the ground 4 times. So it is recommended to stay near him and jump on the third scratch. He will repeat this twice. Then he will go into his second attack, jumping around 4 times, then summoning 7 or so Zippers. You can pass under him quite easily. When his hp reaches under a quarter, He will scratch the ground TWICE only before charging. Jumping is also same. WARNING: Watch out for Wooly's charge attack while you are distracted by the Zippers.

Then he will repeat the attack cycle again until you have killed him. He gives 5000 EXP on defeat.

Wooly deals 3 damage, similar to Crawlers , on contact.