Area 22

Area 22.

Area 22 is the fourth area of the game, and the first accessible area of the caves. If the player is visiting this area for the first time, they will start in the top-left corner of the room, and right away, come across a Repulser, the first flying creature of the game. Once the Repulser has been cleared, there are two doors that the player can choose from. One in the bottom-left corner, which leads to Area 21, and one in the bottom-right corner, which leads to Area 27. If the player is logged in, then an elephant named Joey will be present in this area and he will ask for you to find his three cats, located in the forest, caves, and ruins.


Joey (if logged in)


(Top) Area 15

(Left) Area 21

(Right) Area 27



Crawler x7